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Our End Dump Services

Our specialized End Dump trailers are able to transport your product safely and efficiently around the Peace Region and Northeastern BC. We are able to haul Gravel, Drill Cuttings, Contaminated soil, Sawdust and Shavings, and other aggregates.

Our Feature Walking Floor Hauling Units

Walking Floor, also known as Washing Floor trailers are specialized units that sit on hydraulic rails and allow the floor of the trailer to shuffle back and forth. The movement means small products like sand, sawdust, feed, and other aggregates to be easily unloaded with very little left behind. Our fleet includes 21 Walking Floor trailers to handle any of your hauling needs.


Our specialized fleet of end dump trucks enables us to transport a wide range of materials, including gravel, asphalt, and more. Whether you require bulk material delivery to your construction site or need efficient haul-away services, we’ve got you covered.

We offer

  • Gravel hauling
  • Asphalt hauling
  • Haul Away Services 

Oil & Gas

We provide Hauling solutions for the Oil and Gas industry with our End Dump Services. We specialize in product hauling and contaminated waste management. 

We offer

  • Gravel Hauling 
  • Sawdust and Shavings hauling, 
  • Drill Cuttings (Shell)  hauling 
  • Waste Management and Contaminated soil disposal

    We also offer Frac Sand transport solutions. 


We can manage your wood product transport throughout the Peace Region in Alberta and Northeastern BC with End Dumps and our Washing Floor Trailer – Also known as a Walking Floor Trailer.

We offer

  • Gravel hauling
  • Chip hauling
  • Sawdust hauling 
  • Aggregate hauling 

Agriculture and farming

We can work with both commercial and independent agriculture and farmers to provide you with quality transport.

We handle your product with Safety, Security, and Efficiency in mind